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Caro Klez offers some of the best Yiddish music in the Carolinas as well a Jazz, Blues, Cajun, Latin, and New Orleans music

Shalom Y’all!

from the

Carolina Klezmer Project

The Carolina Klezmer Project was formed in 2005 by veteran Klezmer Bill Averbach, leader of the Austin Klezmorim, the Southwest United States' oldest Klezmer band.

The CaroKlez Project is a true Klezmer band following in the tradition of the E. European musicians of the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries; The band can play anything and if they don’t know it they will probably learn it.

Their music is a mix of Russian, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Middle Eastern, German, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, and music of the Americas. You will hear the traditional Jewish music in the traditional styles; the horas, freilakhs, waltzes, shers, tzardisas, etc.. What would be Klezmer without that? But, in addition, you can hear the sound of the modern Klezmer and much more.

So you want to know, can they play Jazz, Swing, Blues, Latin, Cajun, Rhumbas, Bossas, Ballads, Soka, Reggae, Ska, Motown, New Orleans music, Funky stuff, and other music?

Of course they can! They’re Klezmer musicians!

Bill Averbach and George Hoar during an outdoor wedding 

Featuring some of the best musicians in the region this versatile group ranges from as few as two to as many as nine musicians and can offer you the music you need to fit your event and budget.

If you would like to find out more about the Carolina Klezmer Project send us an E-mail at: bill@bamusic.net